Simply put, the market for pizza and subs is huge. You have many choices when
it comes to franchising, but read on and we'll quickly convince you that our
dine-in, carry-out and delivery co-brand concept is a truly unique opportunity!

Advantage #1 - Leverage
First, we are offering you the opportunity to have not just one brand for your money, but two - and all under one roof in less than 2000 square feet. The $33 billion pizza business probably averages about 30% of its business at lunch and 70% at dinner - the $65 billion sandwich business is almost exactly opposite. This means that with us, your investment could be working harder to maximize the sales potential of your facility all day! Same fixed overhead, more potential sales opportunity.

Advantage #2 - Taste
Second, once you taste our food, you'll experience for yourself what our dedication to product excellence means for your customer's taste buds - it's quality everyone can taste, and it is the foundation of our company! And at a competative on-going cost structure, too. Every concept probably tells you they have good food, but ours will live up to the test - and bring your customers back for more! Both brands feature full menus, including valuable add-ons and extensions like breadsticks & dip, wings, pastas, salad bowls and more.

Advantage #3 - Simplicity
Third, we have designed our systems to focus on simplicity of operations - even a brand new employee right off the street can be a productive member of your team within the first day. We designed our concept from the ground up so that virtually anyone, even especially those without previous restaurant background, can prepare our products and operate our systems.

Advantage #4 - Speed
Fourth, we're just plain old fast! As a consumer, how long are you waiting to get delivery service on a Friday night? Our society wants it quick. Imagine the competition (and your sales!) when you are able to get made-to-order pizzas and subs out the door in under 10 minutes! Unique product, unique systems, all engineered for speed!

Advantage #5 - Affordability
Fifth, you are getting all of these advantages for an investment that is often less than that for something a lot more limited and ordinary. Obviously, the greater the sales potential, the more efficient the operation, and the less capital it takes to get it running, the more opportunity you have for potentially maximizing returns!

Who We Are & What We Do
We are Noble Roman's, Inc. and we were founded in 1972 on the competitive testing grounds of Indiana University. Now we are nationwide with locations in 44 states, even supplying our GI's on several US military bases overseas. We are in the franchise services business - our mission statement is to create win-win financial results to the benefit of our franchisees. We are hard workers dedicated to your success - you can even find our company Chairman & CEO here at work 7 days a week! We'll help guide you every step of the way, from site location, to layout planning, to assisting with contractors, to pointing you towards everything you'll need, from ovens down to mop buckets. We'll help you put together marketing plans and we'll train you on all aspects of operations. And most important, we'll put our 34 years of experience behind our on-going support of your business - you'll be in on all our secrets, our proprietary systems and products. In short, you can count on us to be there for guidance!

Ready to Learn More?
Excited? Operating a restaurant is hard work and requires lots of effort in your community, but it can be enormously rewarding and satisfying. Hopefully by now you are already as convinced as we are that this is an opportunity you must explore. Simply fill out the email form below and we'll get the process going!

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