Sell freshly prepared and delicious Noble Roman’s Pizza in your deli!

Take-n-Bake Pizza in Your Deli

Unlike any other pizza ever offered in grocery stores, our pizza is as delicious as it is simple and profitable to retail. Learn why many grocery retailers are selling 100-200 of our pizzas per week.

Noble Roman’s Pizza is a story of dedication to quality and taste, operational simplicity and economic performance. Our take-n-bake program in grocery stores uses the same ingredients as those used in our traditional restaurants. Beyond that, our program is fast, easy and has great margins.

All of our ingredients, including our award-winning crusts, come to these stores fully prepared – all that is required is simple assembly. Simple color-coded charts and picture guides help ensure portion control and quality. One person can assemble 20-30 pizzas in about one-half hour.

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Superior quality customers can taste! Here are some of the reasons why.

Crusts made with above-average protein and yeast from specially milled flour.

Fresh-packed never cooked, never condensed fresh vine-ripened tomato sauce with secret spices

100% real cheese blended from Mozzarella and Muenster.

100% real meat toppings specially cured for low grease contents